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I just *adore* swingssss! They are so funnnnn and freeeeee!

I was telling this to someone a few days ago, every time I walk by a park I feel like going for a swing! But I rarely do, only if at night. It’s a secwet! (Not so much anymore, I am aware of that!)

SO, if I had more space in here, and higher ceilings, I’d totally have a swing in my condo. Would just LOVE it! Too much of a good thing would be well, awesome.

For those lucky few who have this possibility, check these out (below) from ReidcraftShop! Carved & everything, classy stuff!


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Not a Paper Cup

Been obsessed with these in my head since I saw the on Etsy last week! HOW. COOL. !!!

The porcelain coffee cups (with silicon lids) are made by a Russian born woman named Yevgenia who now lives in Brooklyn. She can make custom designs too, so you can feel free to add a date or a name or just a custom design with your favorite flower kind on it!

Sure, I work from home, so why would I need one of these right? Well, I do make myself one (sometimes two, but it’s rare) coffee a day, but I make it a big one! So it often gets chilly before I can finish it, and let’s face it, unless you are making iced coffee on purpose, cold coffee is just yucky!

So now, go SHOP!, and also take some time to see her really nice mixed-media art on her personal website!


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Looking for some new cups, planters, mugs and bowls to keep your handmade pottery collection growing? I’ve got just the perfect little shop for ya!

DiTerra is the works of a Minneapolis creative gal, who has just the most wonderful sense of textures and colors! And those little dots she seems to particularly love, I love them too!

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A BDB Comeback!

Always fun to know about new cool items not even available yet, right??

BDB (aka Bailey Doesn’t Bark, aka the lovely Re Jin) is back with some new stuff, a line called “Sometimes She Does”!

It’s a colorful, playful but yet very stylish new line of tableware: plates, cups, bowls; dots, birds, lines, twirls!

Eager to see more? Hop on to the website! :)


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I totally just fell in love with this “clay shop” from Anne Carnevale.

It features small pieces of heaven for any pottery lover! From spoons to wine chillers to cups, the rustic charm of these pieces  make for unique a personalities that each tell a story.

Treasures anyone would like to hold and love and keep forever!

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Remake Shop

I fell in love this weekend with the revamped plates in Antea Arizanovic and Jovana Bozovic’s Etsy space, RemakeShop.

Sweet vintage dishes newly freshen up with fun and colorful illustrations and ready for wall display, or even to use everyday!

Check it out!! :)

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Stylist’s Own – Part 3

{ A little French post for Montrealers! }

La 3e édition du Stylist’s Own arrive ce weekend!

Vous aimez avoir des objets uniques ou peu fréquents? C’est la place! De la céramique en passant par des bijoux et sans oublier des vêtements (neufs et vintage), vous y trouverez assurément quelque chose qui fera débattre votre coeur!

Cette foic-si, vous y trouverez, entre une tonne d’autres, du CeramikB, du Bure & Linon, du Harakiri, du Morales, du Norwegian Wood et du Valérie Dumaine!


Vendredi 09 avril – 10 h à 20 h
Samedi 10 avril – 10 h à 18 h
Dimanche 11 avril – 12 h à 18 h

2108 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
(Opus Hotel Montreal)

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Today’s Daily Candy was filled with just such awesomeness for the home!

Can’t get enough of fabulously designed products! Hope you love home objects, cause you’re gonna see a lot of them here in the following months!

PS: The countdown has started! I’ll have my new keys in 7 days!!! WOOHOO!


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It’s official!

Wowsa, it’s been a while since I blogged here! Hopefully you have been getting inspired meanwhile on my 2nd blog, Icon Vault!

I signed for my new place this Wednesday! WOOHOO!!! So it’s official, I’m an owner of my own condo now!! :D

It has a huge window in the living room/dining room, an office, a smaller size but efficient kitchen and a decent size bedroom, a shower AND bath (never took a bath in the last 20 years) and, OH YEAH (!!!!), a huge 14.5′ x 8′ balcony (well, for a city condo it’s large!) with a locker to keep my gardening stuff in it and the bike in winter.

I’ll be having the keys in less than 2 weeks, and then I’ll get the place ready (paint wall (I’ll probably get someone to do it, because every single wall and trim and ceiling has to be done since it’s all primer right now!), get in a few new raw material furniture pieces that I’ll stain and paint, and also get the new appliances in and connected (OMG I’ll finally have a dishwasher!!! Wanted one since I was washing dishes every weekend and summers for 3 years at a restaurant from age 16! lol)). Then, I’ll move in end of April!

I think I’ll do a before and after… Since it’s all not-even-white-white everywhere now, it’ll make a big difference. I wont renovate anything now since the place is like 2.5 years old (would love a back-splash and white cabinets eventually!), but color goes a long way! For now, I just want to make it my own with the least funds possible.

I love the very contemporary (think white & grey with popping colors, clean lines), but I also love the very rustic (think recycled barnwood, vintage rusted finds, wood), so hopefully I’ll be able to make that work together! This place really embodies what I like (except for the lack of popping colors), but of course my place wont look anything like the architecture of this one! I’ll have to make it work in other ways! I’ll keep ya posted!! :)

Hope you like the little inspiration selection of decor and objects I added here!


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I love everything about this little brand spanking new shop called ClayWoodStone.

The wares: little plates, cups, tumblers. You can even feel the process into te pieces (fired in a pit with walnut and green maple curls, imagine that!)

The pictures: Bird’s eye views on a cracked painted wood surface, and little handwritten notes describing the items (what a wonderful touch!!)

The shipping: Everywhere! Need I say more? :)

Almost too precious to eat in!

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Kam Lamp

Like the vintage look? Or maybe the classic style? And what about the cozy casual genre?

At Kam Lamp (L.A.), you get what you what, whatever your taste is! From ribbon to linen or simply the minimalist single bulb, there’s a lamp that will fit your style!

For international buyers, you can contact to get a shipping quote, so no need to shed a tear.

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Totally loving these stools and benches from Superfolk, based in Dublin!

They really rocks my world with their for furniture with their modern look WITH rustic feeling!

Via } Design*Sponge


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Yes, yes, I am aware I haven’t blogged in a while! :(

I’ve been busy trying to figure stuff out in my head, creating new items, but also looking for a condo for little Kobe and myself to move in the next few months, and also supply existing stockists after the holidays, and find new shops to be stockists! :)

So, with that new home search comes the “favoriting” of tons of deco stuff! Of course I won’t be buy everything, but these items really inspire me to find I place I will love and cherish! I’m aiming for sleek modern (on condo) meets rustic vintage (on decor… eventually anyway!), or something like that.

Have a peek, click on photos for more info on each item! ;)


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Knack It

You might already know from here that one of my fave blogs is Knack.

Therefore, I love the Barb’s work, which you can see at her store in Greenville, South Carolina, or if you live far far away like myself, in her Etsy shop!

She refurbishes old furniture to make it modern again, but also keeping that vintage flair we all like. LOVE her color choices too, just wonderful and would suit just about any home! Wouldn’t you just adopt like, everything???

Also check out her portfolio, right here on Flickr! To die for! ;)


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Gift Guide 2009 { For Her }

As part of my Holiday Gift Guide 2009,
here are some suggestions for the wonderful ladies in your life!

Take the Handmade Pledge this Holiday season!

** Please note that the sellers suggested are NOT sponsors!
These are MY suggestions! **


Check out more Gift Guides posts!


Fawn and Flower Wall Wear, by Nea (that’s me!!). :D

Dizziw golden swirly hues headband, by JenniferBirge.

Whale bowl, by CeramicJen.

Black backpack, by Layer X Layer.

Spoke bracelet, by BijouDally.

Cape No3, by ArtLab.

Embroidered maryjane flats, by StopsAndStarts.

Mild and moisturizing facial soap, by DressGreen.

Ivory dress/skirt, by LarimeLoom.

Squid earrings, by Nea (that’s me again!) :D

Gardeners oak dibber, by FuturePrimGarden.

Fern gourmet brownie pops, by ThecCatsMeowFavors.

Mia Capsula bad, by Emma Pardos.

Woven cowl, by Celapiu.

Rustic aqua birdhouse, by BaconSquareFarm.

Corvidae Necklace, by Nea (me!).

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