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Discounted Clay

Porcelain Beaver Skull with gold teeth, by Beetle And Flor.

You know how I looooooove pottery! I don’t know why, but today I had the instinct of searching for sales (always nice!) and seconds (which have small defects, and I personally think they add uniqueness to the item!) in the pottery section of Etsy.

Check out my fab discounted finds! Don’t you want them alllllll? :D

Sparrow vase, by Pretty Random Objects.

Teal spinner, by Romi Ceramics.

Crafty buttons, by Kylie Parry.

Porcelain ginko leaf necklace, by Tashamck.

Tooled vase, by Brooklyn Pottery.

Serving plate, by Kim Westad.

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Antler Fix

I love antlers, which are shed each year naturally, and I know I’m not the only one! I’m still looking for the perfect antler piece- that I can afford, I mean – for a special little wall in my living room! I’ll find, eventually! :)

Had to share with you my recent finds!


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Footed Wood

Who knew something as everyday as a cutting board could create lust in me? Well, Gray Works Design has done it!

Their Footed Plattes™ are earthy and they like to feature the wood in itself, letting it be what it’s supposed to be, in shape and color.

You can also find a few furniture pieces (tables, benches, stools) over there that you’ll adore!


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Woodburning Awesomeness

I’ve never been a fan of woodburning. Not that I don’t think it’s interesting, just I guess I had never seen an example of something with a contemporary feel that made me go “WOW”! Now I can say it…


Lauren of The Haunted Hollow Tree makes wonderful art pieces using woodburning as her skill. Sometimes it is hard to believe the piece wasn’t done in painting!

A few embroidery hoop style pieces have popped up in her shop, they totally fit her style and are fabulous! I am totally digging the “houses and trees” pieces too, they have a very “blueprint” style to them that I adore!

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Louche Lab

This one’s for the animal lovers out there!

Altho Louche Lab‘s shop is full of stunning art, I fell in love with the painted porcelain collection she’s offering! Featuring everything from birdies, fishies, zebras and bears, her style is fun, outlined and vibrant! Totally would put even a little more life into a morning coffee! :)


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Need a shop to stalk for awesome, cool and did I say awesome (!?) vintage home finds? If you don’t know Hindsvik yet, where the heck have you been?!

I always want everything there, and the shop is updated with new stock very often! Every piece is like a treasure, and you can clearly see they choose everything carefully with love and care over there!

Also, for Quebec and Ontario fans, note that there is a free shipping promotion in September for you for orders over $100! YAY!

Now, go crazy ;)


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Forest Tribute

“Forest Raft 1″, by VanessaSky.

So, I come from the woods. I live in the city. I am good in the city! But some days, I wake up and I just miss the woods so SO much.

I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks about perhaps loosing my tattoo virginity in a nearby future. I’m pretty much decided, but still a little scared to be honest! So I’m going with some friends (who are all tattoo non-virgins, like A LOT lol) today to the Art Tattoo Show that’s being held here in Montreal this weekend, to get me that extra information to decide if I want it for sure!

My idea for a first tattoo would be something woodsy, like a few leaves with an acorn and a branch maybe! It’s a very basic idea, but I’d like it to represent where I grew up :) A tribute to the forest, where I breathe better!

With that said, found a few woodsy related items I really adore! Check ‘em out! :)

Bent cherry branch earrings, by shlomitofir.

Pine needle gourd, by violetq.

“Seasons” print, by Cathy McMurray.

Mouse pad, by Shim and Sons.

Antler necklace, by Eleanor Lee.

“Acorns”, by shannonpix.

Forest vinyl wall decals, by NouWall.

Branch hairpiece, by CarrieBilbo.

“Woodsmen”, by f2images.

“One Orange House” print, by Not Too Pink.


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