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Need a shop to stalk for awesome, cool and did I say awesome (!?) vintage home finds? If you don’t know Hindsvik yet, where the heck have you been?!

I always want everything there, and the shop is updated with new stock very often! Every piece is like a treasure, and you can clearly see they choose everything carefully with love and care over there!

Also, for Quebec and Ontario fans, note that there is a free shipping promotion in September for you for orders over $100! YAY!

Now, go crazy ;)


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Knack It

You might already know from here that one of my fave blogs is Knack.

Therefore, I love the Barb’s work, which you can see at her store in Greenville, South Carolina, or if you live far far away like myself, in her Etsy shop!

She refurbishes old furniture to make it modern again, but also keeping that vintage flair we all like. LOVE her color choices too, just wonderful and would suit just about any home! Wouldn’t you just adopt like, everything???

Also check out her portfolio, right here on Flickr! To die for! ;)


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Market Publique

A new stop for vintage has arrived!

It’s called Market Publique and it’s for all the vintage clothes lovers out there!

Sorta like an eBay (in the way of bids) and sorta like an Etsy (in being specialized), you can shop and sell your vintage fashion goodness! GO!


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