Libre de write comme je want!

Bon, alors, j’ai jonglé avec l’idée de faire de ce blogue un blogue complètement bilingue. Puis de créer un blogue réplique de celui-ci, mais en anglais seulement.

Puis, pouf, j’ai décidé d’être libre sur mon blogue, car c’est MON blogue! hehe

Donc, certains billets seront en français seulement, d’autre en anglais seulement, et parfois certains seront bilingues, selon mon humeur du moment!

Ne vous inquiétez pas, ça ne donnera pas des phrases du genre “I decided quelque chose, so je vais respect it”! haha

Et hop! pour ce billet bilingue! :)


So, I have played in my head with the idea of making this blog a completely bilingual blog. Then, I thought I should maybe create a replica of this one, but in English only.

And then, hurray, I decided to be free on my blog, because it’s MY blog! lol

So, some posts will be in French only, some in English only, and some bilingual, depending on how I feel that day!

Do not worry, it wont give you sentences like “I decided quelque chose, so je vais respect it”! haha

So there, this was a bilingual post! :)



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3 responses to “Libre de write comme je want!

  1. Yay. Maybe I will pick up some more French when you post in both languages!

  2. I agree, if you post in both I’d pick up more. But still, I enjoy your entirely French posts, and trying to comment en francais :) and like you said it’s YOUR blog!
    PS: Does “pouf” in french mean “hurray!”? That is just great.

  3. Thanks girls! :)

    Laura: not really, I just took some liberties in the translation I guess! lol :)

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