{ Blog of the week } Terramia

I thought I could a Blog Of The Week post once in a while! There might not be a blog EACH week, but still a good idea I think! :)

Blog } Terramia

I Love } Lots of posts everyday, cool eco-finds, lots of pictures, and written directly from British Columbia, Canada!


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5 responses to “{ Blog of the week } Terramia

  1. Oh shucks! I am so flattered… thank you for the kind words!
    You have a delightful site here! I will be back often to visit… (:

  2. I love this blog too. Not sure how I missed this post of yours last week, hm. I like the idea of a blog of the week, more fun than clicking on tons of blog-links!

  3. totally agree! My list of blogs is SO long too! lol :)

    I’m pretty sure you will be ablog of the week soon Laura, I really like yours! :)

  4. That’s awesome thanks! Your list of blogs is long, true, but I have really enjoyed checking out most of them. K, back to work for me…

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