Blueprint’s fonts obsessed

Since receiving my Blueprint magazines, I’ve been obsessed with the fonts in that same magazine. Really. Obsessed.

Today I went on a search to find out the what they are, and how much they cost!


– First up, the Blueprint logo, which is Fling from ITC, at $39 USD:


– Next, the text is Filosofia from Emigre, a serif font I actualy like (!), at $95 USD for 7 styles:


Last, but not least (my favorite), a superbe accent font, named Kursivschrift from Linotype, comes in 5 styles at $24 USD each:


My! That Kursivschrift is REALLY tempting!! I WANT it! Now!

Funny thing is, I have had this new font crush (that I actually have) for a few months now, which is Matrix Script Book, from Emigre. It’s awesome and pretty! Check it out:


I’m soooo “au goût du jour”! lol

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