Offer a tie… really!

Now you’re thinking: “A tie? What a lame Father’s Day gift idea! I’m never visiting this blog again!”

Yeahhhh, well I agree… Unless… Unless it’s a Cyberoptix tie!

They are like the coolest ties around!! Cool indie company name, cool logo, cool product names, cool colors, cool tags, cool silkscreen prints, cool everything! Even your “I don’t wear ties” man will WANT one and will find an excuse to wear it!

I might be a little late for Father’s Day gift suggestions, but the birthdays of the men in your life are allllll yearrrrr longggggg! :)



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2 responses to “Offer a tie… really!

  1. Those are definitely cool, I wish the guy I know who wears ties daily were allowed to wear ties that are funky like that but he works for the city and it is a very traditional place. Too bad.

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