Embroidery bowl

I’ve been wanting to talk about this fabulous bowl for a while now! And Bientôt Demain reminded me this week to do so!

Designed by Ionna Vautrin & Guillaume Delvigne (France), created by Industréal (Italy), and available online at Rose and Radish (US) at $228 USD, it is made in porcelain and is great for any creative gal or guy! Thankfully, the less inspired ones can always display (or use) it as is, with no embroidery at all. Still gorgeous!

I SO want one, one day, very far far away…



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4 responses to “Embroidery bowl

  1. La Mamzelle

    Euh pourquoi c’est si cher??!!

  2. i love your blog…these bowls are so cool, I didn’t realize they were actually porcelain until i saw the price! expensive!

  3. I have no clue why it’s that expensive!! Too bad :(

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