Arthur Hash Jewelry

I’ve been quite busy with work for Fonetik and with sales and new creations for Nea, so please bare with me with the number of posts lately! :)

That said, I HAD to show you Arthur Hash’s jewelry, it’s just stunning! Those are in ABS plastic, the first two are bracelets ($325), the 3rd is a ring (50$) (I NEED that ring!!).

Though not a great way to fly under the radar, perfect for the exact opposite! lol



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4 responses to “Arthur Hash Jewelry

  1. i AM such a huge Arthur Hash fan and glad you posted about these. I love his pins as well that he sells. I hope you can stop by when The Shiny Squirrel launches in October, hopefully I will have some exclusive work by him!

  2. A Shiny Squirrel shop? Awesome!! Is it an online shop? :)

  3. Ahh yes, I’ve been a fan of his for ages. Wonderful work! Quite a few things of his are on my list of things to buy…

  4. Colleen! I didn’t know you followed my blog! That’s awesome! :)
    I’ll add your blog link to my huge list –>

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