Netamir’s Handmade Shoes

Netamir Handmade Shoes

Many of you know, I am a shoe fanatic! And it’s really hard for me to not buy shoes when I enter a shop, literally! I have been a VERY nice girl this summer, I bought… 1 (ONE!) pair of light blue flowery fabric summer flats, that I DID wear almost all the time! lol

But now, I bought another pair… I couldn’t resist when I saw the handmade Mary Jane shoes in Netamir‘s Etsy shop!

I mean, come on, it was a given…
I love handmade + I love shoes + I love beige = I NEED THOSE SHOES!

They came in the mail yesterday from Israël, and I adore them! They are so comfortable too, and the inside sole can be taken out and washed separately.

At first, I asked Neta to not put the straps on, thinking I would like them more without the “Mary Jane part” of the shoes. She still sent me the straps, just in case! And I’m glad she did! I felt they were coming out too much when walking, so I sewed the straps on, and voilà! Perfect

The thing is, they are available in 12 colors!!! Pretty mustard yellow, vibrant red and lovely white, to name a few… How I am gonna cope with that fact now?? lol



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4 responses to “Netamir’s Handmade Shoes

  1. I saw the shoes in your flickr and immediately went to her shop. The yellow ones are absolutely yummy…now, just to convince my husband that I *need* a pair. hehe

  2. haha! We all *need* handmade shoes ;) lol

  3. martina

    Wow what an amazing BLOG. I really appreciate it.

    I would have really gone for these shoes, if I would have seen this blog before. My next purchase will be these shoes.

    However I just purchased shoes from: online and waiting for its arrival.

  4. How cute are these? I want a pair!

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