Most. Perfect. Shoes. Ever.

Most. Perfect. Shoes. Ever.

Yesterday was the first day of fall. And even if I’ve been really nice about buying shoes this summer, as I talked about it a few days ago, a new season wipes the board clean (or so I tell myself…)! lol!

So, last night I was wandering on Montreal’s St-Denis street with Sandy, just walking, talking lots, visiting bead shops (a tradition!) and used books and cd stores (finally got Maroon5’s and Joss Stone’s latest CDs!), when we stopped to look at the window of Renée Levesque’s jewelry shop.

And BAM! There they were, in the next door’s shop window, the Most. Perfect. Shoes. Ever. !! Some awesome comfy brown everyday flats from Bamboo, with a piqué pattern looking just like a bag, and a little *bling* chain for the jeweler in me! My name was written on them! And at only 50 bucks, how could I resist!!

So there, fall season is starting nicely with a perfect-weather-somewhat-busy Montreal night, with a perfect best friend to walk around, and the perfect fall shoes! :P

Talking about Bamboo, they have many great styles of shoes & boots , check these out available from online store CutesyGirl (they ship international!).



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3 responses to “Most. Perfect. Shoes. Ever.

  1. Andrea

    Those shoes are just too cute!

  2. Thanks for passing by Andrea ;)

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