Sweet & Sour Cards

YAY! They are finally here! My first NeaBlossoms card designs!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the first pair of my Sweet & Sour Collection!


So, your best friend just moved in her new apartment? Your parents just moved in a gorgeous house?

Send your greetings and best wishes with this cute “Congrats on your new… house” card! (Can also be made with “home”, “bachelor pad” and more, if you’d like! Contact me!)

Look at yourself; you are a nice girl from head to toe! The card and envelope are 100% recycled paper!


So, he left you? He cheated on you? It ended ugly?
He got over you quick and found a new girl?

Get that rage out (!) with this “Congrats on your new… whore” card!

Wipe your tears darling… The good side is, you still are a nice girl! The card and envelope are 100% recycled paper!

So, what do you all think? :)


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