Simply Breakfast

If you are like me, you get up, get something to drink, wether it be coffee, tea or juice, get on the computer to check your emails and then work… without eating breakfast…! I know, I know… Most important meal of the day, missing nutriments in my daily income… I know…!

But, there is hope, an awesome blog has been motivating me to start taking the time to eat breakfast in the morning again!

It’s called Simply Breakfast and it’s full of wonderful pictures from the breakfast’s eater, Jennifer Causey.

You may recongnize the gorgeous style of the pictures from her Etsy store, Photobird, or from her other blog, Simply Photo, or even her Flickr account pictures!  Check her work out, she’s amazingly talented!!

And I’m off… to eat breakfast! hehe


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4 responses to “Simply Breakfast

  1. Great new ideas for breakfast! The truth is sometimes I get bored with the same breakfast every morning. Lovely blog, thanks for sharing!

  2. hawww…. wonderful pics!

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