Working Class Heroes } Mania!

Everyone in the online comminuty is buzzing about Vienna’s Working Class Heroes!

On Etsy alone, they are Featured Sellers (read the interview!), and are featured in like 50% of Treasury lists… Ok, maybe not 50%, but they are still there A LOT! And I love that!

I wont say I saw them first (lol!) because I did not, but I did favorite their shop a while ago, before the frenzy! Anyway, it doesn’t matter, they are soooo worth being talked about any day of the year! :)

I wish I had a laptop, so I could buy a laptop wallet.
I wish I had an iPod or iPhone to buy a pouch.
I wish I had expensive sunglasses, so I could buy an eyepouch.
I wish I had a compact camera, so I could buy a fotopouch.

Note the wonderful pictures and the gorgeous logo and image design… As a graphic designer, I’m totally in love!!
Also chekout their independant website.

I do have a camera, but it’s wayyyy not compact… Maybe I should ask them for a custom order of fotopouch for my RebelXT! Yeah… I think I’ll try that!! lol :)


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