ANTM 9, episode 3

So, last week the channel I was listening to ANTM was not holding the show anymore! I got, like, panicked! lol

I knew it went on the Fashion Channel on Sunday, so I waited in pain and resisted to go check out the website for a peek! lol It was so great! That climbing photo shoot was awesome: got to separate the real models from the wanna-bes! lol Up there are my favorite shots from the 3rd episode! Ain’t Jenah’s shot awesome?

So, today, I figured out which channel had it on Wednesday… Then changed one of my “À la carte” channels… And AWESOME, I’ll listen to it with ya’ll at 8pm tonight! :)

To be followed…



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2 responses to “ANTM 9, episode 3

  1. Je suis la série Canadian next top model à musimax et j’adore! Donc, si je comprends bien, il n’y a pas moyen d’écouter celle-ci sur le cable ordinaire?!..

  2. En effet! Avant la semaine passée, c’était possible à Fox, mais maintenant c’est seulement à Citytv et au Fashion Channel, si j’ai tout exact :(

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