The Green Challenge


Kim challenged me today to the Green Challenge, on this Environment Blog Action Day. Perfect day! :)

The Green Challenge
What are you doing to introduce environmental sustainability into your daily life?

– I work from home. This might look like just a fact, but I am convinced that this choice has prevented me to have a driver’s license, therefore, convince me that it is logical to have a car! lol

– I recycle, even when it’s not convenient. Empty metal cans (and separating the paper tag from the metal), vinegar bottles (taking apart that small plastic pourer from the bottle), yogurt pots (washing beforehand)… So NOT convenient, but oh so eco-friendly!

– I buy toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper. Costs a little more, but totally worth it!

– I wear quite big bags… NOT just a style choice, also a practical one! I put bought items in my bag, instead of taking an extra plastic bag that I do not even need. If my bag is smaller, or I know I’m going shopping for a lot, I bring one or two extra cotton bags. Actually, if a store refuses to not let me get the item without a plastic bag (can you believe this actually happens in 2007!?), I refuse to buy it! And of course, I bring my 7 cotton bags every time I go do the groceries.

– I gift wrap presents in either gift bags I already have (reusing), or I take old magazine pages and collage them to cover the item! I think this year I’m going to also try wrapping them into recycled fabric (like fabric from clothes I don’t wear anymore)! After reading about Luce‘s Biodiversité Project on Facebook, I realized that fabric is perfect for gift wrapping: cannot be teared in the heat of the moment, it can be washed, it can last yearssss, and no one looks at you strange when you ask them be careful and to keep the packaging for future gifts! lol

– I blog about eco-friendly products… Constantly! lol :)

Of course, there are many more…


By the way, I invite all you Facebook lovers to add the I Am Green Application! Get yourself some leaves: add suggested ones or add new personnal ones (a leave is the equivalent of one gesture you do to help the environment). Invite your friends to do it too: let’s see who’s the most eco-friendly of you all!


Off I go to challenge others to the Green Challenge:

Guylaine, from Tomate d’épingles
Luce, from Posch
Liana, from Mixed Plate
Helene, from Vieux Bandit
Isis, from PaperFlowerGirl

Of course, everyone is invited to participate, even if I didn’t tag you! :)



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3 responses to “The Green Challenge

  1. I like the idea of gift wrapping with fabric. That is something I will give it a try at Christmas.

  2. YAY! :P
    Thanks for sending me this challenge Kim! :)

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