435 blogs to follow… and counting!

No wonder I feel overwhelmed when I open my RSS Feed tracker, NetNewsWire Lite!! (the Lite version is free)

I am currently following 435 (!!!!) blogs… On an average week day, there is more than 500 news posts… Ok, I admit it, I do not READ everything, far from it, actually! I kinda browse thru them, with the oh-so-helpful “Next Unread” button.

Sad to say, but most posts with no picture get the boot… I like pictures, it’s what draws me in! They announce the topic ahead, and if I’m interested by that, I read on… If not, then I pass. That’s one of the reasons I make sure I have a least one picture in every post… Unless I do not really want to be read! lol!

Sometimes I do feel guilty for treating some posts and some blogs the way I do :(, but with 435 blogs to follow, I kinda have to, or else I’ll get even more buried in my Web life! lol

And yes I do have my favorite blogs that I check immediately once I open the application and have no time to check out everything right that moment…

So I think I’ll make a Top 10… Or a Top 20, of my favorites blogs! Would y’all like that?

With that said, RSS Feed is my savior…! I can’t imagine my life without it! lol ;)



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11 responses to “435 blogs to follow… and counting!

  1. sia


    I can totally relate to your post! Don’t feel bad about the 400+ feeds, though…


  2. 803!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! That’s… woah!!!!! lol

    You’ll be glad to know you’re in my list! lol

    What other Canadian blogs you got in there? lol

  3. i only have 57 feeds and cant manage to read it all :)

  4. sia

    some of the canadian blogs in my Bloglines: *terramia*, at home with kim vallee, beanhouse, bookhou at home, cedarseven, double happiness, fortysixth at grace, insidesign, miragepaperco, poppytalk… {the list goes on and on}

    Wish I could stick to 200-300 blogs… but I just love browsing through all the blogs!

    cheers from amsterdam

  5. Geez. I have 43 and I feel stressed. I do the exact same thing, look at the picture and pass it up if it’s not of interest. I do feel guilty too about treating certain blogs that way though :(.

  6. Sia: Oh, you got some I don’t have!! Like beanhouse and double happiness! (am I really shopping for new blogs to follow? lol)

    Laura: I hear ya! I have to not think about it too much, or else it’s too sad! lol

  7. yeah, that would be a great idea!

  8. Alrighty, I’m working on it! :)

  9. I just wrote a post that has a picture and YES I did that just for you! (Just. For. You. Ha!) Now come on over and commiserate with my ceiling problems!!

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