ANTM 9, episode 6

What a great ANTM episode yesterday! My favorite one this season so far!

Can’t go wrong with some Oh-My-Gah-How-Much-More-HOT-Can-You-Actually-Be Tyson Beckford action, some helping a cause challenge and an awesome recycling themed photo shoot!

Still……. Gah……
lol :)



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4 responses to “ANTM 9, episode 6

  1. thanks for comment, i like your blog-name, but it as you see it’s a bit too long and complicated for imediate memorazing.

    otherwise i like your blog very much. and your link content is great!

    good luck!

  2. Yeah, maybe indeed! But I love it tho, I’m gonna stick to it I think! :)

    Thanks for coming by :)

  3. omg, i totally watch ANTM marathons while i work sometimes during the week. yay!

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