Virtual Water

Virtual Water is a poster with very crucial information about hom much water is used to create everyday life products.

Did you know it takes 1000 litres of water to make ONE litre of milk? Incredible!!
You can also learn more about the waterfootprint of many countries.

As for price, 24 Euros! Very affordable!
Although if you live not in Europe, shipping will smack ya in the face! 27.80 Euros…
For a total of around $72 USD… Ouch…
Basically, if you live in Europe, lucky you! :)

The silhouette designs are simple and effective, right to the point but attractive; I love it! :)

Wish I could pay for a download and print in myself, to be able to afford it! I think I might just ask them if that’s possible!

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5 responses to “Virtual Water

  1. i guess it’s more educational – and more beautiful as well – than just putting a plain boring map of the globe on the wall. $72?? who are they kidding!!! forget about it!!! ;)

  2. Totally, 72$ (it’s with shipping) is not really what I would call affordable!! lol

  3. I just wanted to mention, that I found another way to ship the posters. Now international shipping is “only” 14.40 EUR. So the total for one poster about 40 EUR or $60 USD. Still not cheap, but a little better.

    By the way, if you order more than two copies, you’ll get a 15% rebate.

  4. Andrew

    Wouldn’t it be more eco-friendly to charge for hi-res images and let people head down to Kinko’s for a print than shipping a {beautiful} piece of paper a great distance around the world?

    The honor system wouldn’t last for long for well thought out piece like the above but maybe this is a jumping off point for something- an idea of an idea?

    This poster is more propaganda anyway and would be better served ’round the world chilled and free than warm and costly. My two devalued cents . . .

  5. Andrew, it WOULD be eco-friendlier to do that, I agree!

    Where I do not agree is about the “free” part. There are lots of workers in the world who help others that have, of course, a salary (Greenpeace employees are paid, right?). So I do not see why these designers, who made lots and lots of research and put many many hours on the project should let it go for free?

    I understand where you are coming from, but I disagree with the second solution you proposed. The first being selling the image rather that the physical poster.

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