Pimp My Pixels

Pimp My Pixels - laMiky 2

Pimp My Pixels - powerpig

Pimp My Pixels - laMiky

I recently discovered this wonderful – and TOTALLY addictive for anyone knowing Photoshop – Flickr group called Pimp My Pixels.

In a nutshell, people join the group and offer up some photos for modification, and others pimp it!

Here are a few I did!
Click on them and you will find a link to the original pic to compare and also a link to what others have done with the same photograph!

What do you think?

I have to say I am addicted now, and it’s really fun to work with Photoshop without the daily work’s pressure! Try it! :)


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One response to “Pimp My Pixels

  1. Cool! It’s always good to get new photoshop tips..

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