Discreet Vinyls

Yes, discreet vinyls as in they blends with your decor!

Small and cute, nicely showed in amazing computer generated rooms (yep, those aren’t real people! Well made, huh?), affordable ($10 US a pop), although no international shipping is available… (International buyers are verrrrry sad right now!) and YAY! International shipping now available! Let’s go crazy, World! :)

TabulaRasa (which means “clean slate”) is a wife and husband initiative. They are also new Etsy sellers (this week!), so hopefully we can expect new goodies in the shop soon! :)



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4 responses to “Discreet Vinyls

  1. That’s cool stuffs with nice decoration.

  2. nice decors. and awesome images…to bad that they don’t offer international shipping.

  3. Thanks to the support of all you international buyers, Tabula Rasa now ships worldwide!

  4. Wonderful Jill! I am sure you will not regret this move! :)

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