New Nea Jewelry!

It’s Xmas season in Nea‘s shop!

As well as having an ad for the Deploy Earrings in the Modish Gift Guide and in the IndieFixx Gift Guide, I updated the shop in the last few weeks with fresh new and stylish jewelry for her! Perfect gifts for your loved one or best friend!

(I am also working on 1 or 2 simple men’s necklaces too, soon in the shop hopefully!)

Check it out! :)

Also, I bought a little mannequin for some hard to figure out necklaces, what do you think of those new style of pictures? And the ones with the branch? I thought I’d try new photography styles! :)



Filed under Canadian, Fashion - Accessories, Handmade, Nea Jewelry & Wall Wear, Québécois

2 responses to “New Nea Jewelry!

  1. i love your jewels! the beads! … great! if i’d have any mony, i buy it immediately.

  2. Thanks a lot czina!! :P

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