Oversized is like tiny: it’s a trend, but it really never goes away and then it always comes back strong.

These super duper large bags from Makool are ready to welcome anything you want to carry. I mean really, you can fit a blender in there! WITH the box! lol

With wonderful fabrics and unique cuts and ruffles, don’t ever use another plastic bag again while shopping!

Makool also offers this I-want-it shirt for any typography lover girl:

Basically, a little shop I will be following for sure! Makool is simply kool!



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2 responses to “Supersized

  1. Hi Thanks for the write up.

    Makool is a fashion label out of Portland, Oregon. You can purchase samples on Etsy, but our real passion is our online boutique.
    There you can find, makool clothing, babbu bags, papaver whimsies, and much much more. We import unsung designers from outside the US. To give everyone a chance to buy from independent designers world wide! Check it out!

  2. Thanks for letting us know that Anisa!

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