Barbie is dead

Yep, you heard me! Some creators just looooove mutilating the classic icon that is Barbie! lol

First up, Margaux Lange with her wonderfully unique Barbie body part jewelry! One thing is for sure, the attention lover in you will loooove these pieces!

And second, Wildemoon loves to create photographic death scenarios called “The Barbie Murders”!



Filed under Fashion - Accessories, Handmade, Photography

5 responses to “Barbie is dead

  1. Now you need to see Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story the whole movie is done with Barbies.

  2. Really!! My! That must have been long to do! lol
    You think I could find that here in Montreal, Canada?:)

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  4. Awww, thanks for the nod! And that jewelry above is so cool… Yay!

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