Flickr Groups on Breakfast

Sunny breakfast for a snowy morning

I’m in this breakfast photograph phase, it’s fun and always makes great pics!

Check out some of these shots found in these Flickr groups:
Breakfast with a cup of coffee

The Beautiful Breakfast
Cereal Offenders and Breakfast Friends

The Breakfast Club

Daily yum!



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5 responses to “Flickr Groups on Breakfast

  1. I also enjoy breakfast. Your picture is beautiful. The only sad thing is that I am craving now for artisanal Raisins & nuts or muesli bread. A week-end a month, I made French toast with muesli bread and lay on top warm homemade jam.

  2. La Mamzelle

    Héhé, j’en ai une pas mal de la Thaïlande!

  3. haha Kim!! That’s sounds delish!! :)

    Oui Mamzelle? Montre!! :P

  4. wow, after this i am looking forward to morning and the breakfast!

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