Gift Guide 2007 { Art }

As part of my Holiday Gift Guide 2007,
here are some suggestions for Art!

Take the Handmade Pledge this Holiday season!

* Please note that none of the sellers featured are sponsors! These a MY favorites!


I have never bought art on Etsy.

Yeah, I’m weird! It’s ’cause I want to move hopefully next summer in my own owned place, so I don’t want to risk having the art pieces in bad shape after the move! Once I do, watch out Etsy, I’m going on a shopping spree!!! lol :)

With that said, here are a few sellers I adore in the art department!
(Some are actually greeting cards, but why not frame them! lol)


Greeting card by aquietlark.

Decorative organic shaped porcelains by elsita.

Square photograph mounted on maple plywood by Plywerk.

Paper on wood art piece by birdie1973.
Print also available in the shop.

Signed book of 306 polaroid photographs by 1977.

Digital art print by Madelaine.
By the way, she is 16 years old! Amazing!

Nice one of a kind Russian dolls ceramic sculptures by ArtMind.

12x8in print by calobee.

Migration print by traceface.

Breakfast photography print by photobird.

Watercolor, charcoal and ink art print by ObsoleteWorld.

3D ceramic wall tiles by elementclaystudio.

Bluebell print by scarlettcat.



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12 responses to “Gift Guide 2007 { Art }

  1. strumpfkunst

    Yay – some of my favorites. :) I would probably add something from shauno, seasprayblue, jenmaestre, theblackapple, maybe mikiep… I LOVE buying art on Etsy. :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Strump :)

  3. Beautiful work! I love the russian doll sculptures. :)

  4. Wow, thank you! I’m honored to be featured with so many talented artists.

  5. You have great shots Caroline! Thanks to YOU! :)

  6. OMG, I’m amongst all these fab artists?
    I’m flattered! *glows*
    Thanks for including my feelings! :)

  7. Wonderful picks! I particularly like the Art Minds ceramics :)

  8. TOTALLY in love with the ArtMind ceramics too, Kate! :)

  9. I love Calobee’s work but I hadn’t seen Plywerk before – thank you for that. If you like photography, can I suggest Murphysrun, Flandersfield and HouseofSixCats on Etsy and one for the UK’ers – ArtandGhosts

  10. Wonderful selections! I love Calobee and Madelaine!

  11. Thank you girls, for your comments and suggestions! :)

  12. Great article I really liked it.

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