Scanart Calendar

I have been in love with Germany’s Andrea Fleischer‘s scanart (yes, art with a scanner) for a while now,that I first saw on her Flickr.

Now, I will be able to love it from a close distance, since she has just started an Etsy Shop (what a wonderful shop banner!), with her scanart work in a beautiful vertical 2008 calendar! You will also find wonderful cardboard art in her shop, which is set up for international shipping.

I am very thrilled to be her first Etsy sale! YAY! Can’t wait to receive it Andrea!! Thank you! ;)


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5 responses to “Scanart Calendar

  1. So much fun! Going to check out the shop now. Don’t know if I ever told you that you are on my blogroll on maquette?

  2. Bonjour Samantha!
    Yes she’s a great artist, and has sold all her art in her shop since I wrote the post! YAY! Check out her sold items to see them, very cute! :)

    Yes, I know! I saw that recently!! Then I added you too, as well as to my RSS feeder, so now I can follow you too! :)

  3. i love andrea’s work! maybe i’ll buy that fabulous calendar too.

  4. Mine should come in soon, I can’t wait! :P

  5. Her work is beautiful. Thanks for the link.

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