Blog Love for the Holidays

Ohhh, YAY! I’ve been getting some blog love lately!
Here are some wonderful blog posts about all my work (Thanks so much everyone!!):

For Nea Jewelry: (19dec07)
BloomingLily (12dec07)
Etsy-Love (07dec07)
ClothesPin (07dec07)
IndieShopping (27nov07)

For NeaBlossoms:
Indie Passions (15dec07)
BloomingLily (07dec07)
Modish (13nov07)

For this Creativadoration blog:
Québec Micro Magazine (p.23) (dec07)
Modazen (28nov07)
Everything and Nothing (28nov07)
RandomCreative (18nov07)



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4 responses to “Blog Love for the Holidays

  1. It’s a beautiful ring, glad to hear that it sold!

  2. Thanks to you again Nicole! :P

  3. thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. My pleasure! Thanks for passing by!

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