Blueprint is Dead.

OMG I’m sooo sad right now!!

I just learned that my favorite magazine, Blueprint, will print out it’s last issue Jan/Feb 2008. Why, oh, why?!?!

They will include some Blueprint-like content in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine… Why!? I don’t wanna get married, I want Blueprint!!!!!

It was just the perfect mag for me: fashion, DIY, handmade, tips & tricks… Plus it was sooo beautiful, and I’m difficult on that aspect! WHY STOP IT!?!?!??! *I’m about to have a meltdown* lol

Now I have to figure out the refund process for the rest of my subscription, and *try* to replace Blueprint with another not-so-perfect magazine… Gosh…

It’s a sad sad thing…

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8 responses to “Blueprint is Dead.

  1. Sandy

    awwwwww…. c’est ben poche ça!!
    J’suis triiiiisste! Moi aussi j’aimais ce mag!

  2. Typical… J’aime un truc, et on arrête de le produire -_-
    Martha Stewart Wedding?! WTF?!

  3. Je sais San, c’est trop triste :(

    Maryse: Exactement!! C’est quoi le rapport avec le mariage! Argggg!!!

  4. It is sad, isn’t it? I had Domino, Chocolat, and Blueprint, the two latter I’ve tried out since their first issues. And now, all that’s left is Domino! H&G is gone now, too, so I’m having a hard time finding something to fill in the gap and in the moderate price range.

    If you think of something, let me know! I’m lost. It was so pretty…

  5. julia

    Noooooooon!!!! mais je m’en fou de Martha’s Wedding machin. GRRR

  6. Julie: What is H&G? I’ve been hearing that it has stopped also, but I have no clue what it was!
    If I find anything, I’ll let you know, but by talking with Etsy friends, there’s pretty much nothing quite like Blueprint out there…
    Maybe I’ll go check on mags on Etsy, perhaps there’s a special short scale mag to be discovered! :)

    Julia: en effet, on s’en fou du mariage machin! hihih!

  7. H&G is House and Garden. It’s been published since 1901, which is probably why everyone was sad about it as well. Beautiful homes and gardens, but not quite Blueprint. I don’t think there is anything like it either.

  8. Ohhh ok, Home & Garden… It all makes sense now! lol Thanks for that :)

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