Breakfast Appreciation

Apple Bread Breakfast

Christmas Morning Breakfast


Chocolate Bread Delight Breakfast

Cheese Bread, Blackberries, Almonds and Coffee

Bagel & Egg Breakfast

PB & B

Simplest Breakfast

I’ve been in a breakfast photography phase, as I talked about last month.

I’ve also been in a handmade mugs purchase phase, and in a “let’s explore breakfast foods” phase as well, so yeah, I’ve been taking shots of my mornings as you can tell.

Many of these pics also are used as “appreciation pictures” for my Etsy purchases. Loveeee doing those!

There’s something about making the breakfast and coffee, and then waiting extra minutes to eat it while I take pictures of it. Those few little minutes in full dilemma mode, where I adore taking shots of it but would also like to eat it. Haha! And then eating it while I load the pics of what I’m eating on the computer and Flickr.

All that while half asleep most of the times! Haha! Ahhh mornings!

I’ve received from friends and family from Xmas many little new jams and stuff to taste in my future next breakfast. It’s gonna be a great next few weeks of breakfast, lemme tell ya! :)

Holiday Wishes to you all!!



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12 responses to “Breakfast Appreciation

  1. I am craving for an almond croissant now. I ate a bagel with cream cheese and tomato slices for breakfast today.
    Happy Holiday Janick!

  2. hehe :)

    Happy holidays to you too Kim! :)

  3. i love your snowing breakfast!! just great!

  4. Superbes tes photos! J’adore ta table, la couleur, le grain du bois et tout…

  5. Thanks Czina! :)

    Merci Maryse! Je l’adore aussi! :P

  6. I love breakfast, so your shots are always a nice treat. Happy Holidays to you, too!

  7. Your breakfast photos are great, I could never do as much as you in the mornings :) – love your mugs and rings.

  8. Thank you girls, I really appreciate it :)

  9. Jean-Sébastien

    J’aime beaucoup la tasse sur la 4. Ça vient d’où?

  10. Je l’ai acheté au Souk@Sat en décembre, à la Sat. L’artiste est Matthieu Huck! Si tu veux ses infos laisses-moi savoir! :)

  11. my

    mmmmm……your breakfast looks delicious!

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