Cold cold winter

It’s been really cold for a few days in Montreal. Yesterday I had many places to go, and I walked in -22c temperature (with wind factor, it was -31c felt teperature) to go everywhere. I literally froze my legs: when I was trying out jeans at the mall, I noticed parts on my thighs were swollen by frost bites! Oï!

With that said, I want to let you know about these wonderful scarves by adventuresofjr! They are all hand dyed cashmere and silk, handwoven in by 23yo Jessica Harrigfeld from Woodstock (NY) and come in the most awesome color combos! I’m in love! She also creates unique wrist gloves and hats and such, check it out!

By the way, they are Etsy‘s Featured Sellers right now, so you can read their interview here!

The weather forecast from Montreal is planning on +15c (YES, +++) next week, so I might have to let you know about available peep toe shoes! haha!


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