Juicer Obsession : Solved!

Guacamole & Cheese Breakfast



Remember late October when my quest to find a juicer began?

Well, I can put that obsession on the shelf now since I found the perfect juicer right before the holidays at the Salon des métiers d’arts du Québec! It was designed by Belgium’s Koen De Winter for Atelier Orange of Montreal. What a wonderful designer, I’m so glad to have one of his pieces! :)

And that’s that for the juicer! :)



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8 responses to “Juicer Obsession : Solved!

  1. Hooray! That’s a fantastic looking hand juicer. A very happy ending to the quest :)

  2. Koen De Winter designed interesting stuff. I like what he creates for Atelier Orange. Well-made. The stand is a nice touch. I am glad for you.

    Like too, I bought a new lemon reamer during the Holidays. Mine is an orange colored blown glass piece.

  3. Ys I love the stand too! This way I can display it on the counter instead of hiding it in a cupboard! lol

    Oh yours seems real nice too! Did you take any pics? :)

  4. Neet design! Although a little phallic… :)

  5. haha! Peut-être, mais j’ai jamais vu un presse-citron (et non un presse-jus) de forme non phallique!!

  6. Koen De Winter

    Un peu surpris de voir tant de commentaires sur un simple presse citron…
    I liked the first picture because, unwillingly (at least that’s my guess, there are two products I designed. The other one is the Dunkin’ donuts mug….
    Just one comment. The stand came about because I guess many people would like to use the reamer on the table instead of paying around with lemon slices. When used you have to put the lemon reamer in something that caches the remaining drops. As to the phallic connotation..nothing intentional but as Janick points out, that juicy quality is difficult to avoid

  7. Oh! Le designer en personne! Génial!! :)

    As simple as it is, it’s just great! Perhaps it’s great because it’s simple! lol

    You designed the DunkinDonuts mug as well! haha! Nice coincidence here, I had no clue!

    Ohhh the reamer could be used that way, I never thought of that before! Actually, I’ve been using it as a container (meaning I juice the lemon over the reamer), so this way I can take out the seeds before adding it to the recipe! :)

    haha yes, I wonder if a juicer with no phallic shape actually exists? lol Seems like it has to be that way!

    Thanks for passing by Koen! :)

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