Sustainable Memo

Ever had to write a phone number super quick while listening to your answering machine? Or having to just write down 2-3 ingredients in order to not forget it later at the groceries? Or for myself, wanting to write a RGB code that I will use 20 times on a project in the next hour? And all that while not wanting to use a piece of paper for such a tiny thing to write?

Well, the Ceramic Memo Board is what you (and I) are looking for! At $11.50, why should we not buy it?

Well, we wont because it is currently out of stock. But hopefully it WILL be back soon for our writing pleasures! :)

Via } At Home with Kim Vallée



Filed under Decor - Object, Eco-Friendly

3 responses to “Sustainable Memo

  1. this is great! very usefull!

  2. I wish it would come back in stock!! I’m dying to buy it! lol

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