Mobile Your Home Pretty

I’ve already talked about my liking of mobiles in the past, and when I found out about these ones this morning I could not resist talking about it again!

Spin Designs offers some of the cutest mobiles I’ve seen in a while! Using black museum mat board, the unique designs are laser cut and then assembled flat for shipping. So once you get it, a little assembly has to occur before your mobile is ready to pretty your home!

Priced from $38 to $52 a pop, you’ll have to be in the US to get them because no international shipping is listed… :(
However their profile does seem to indicate shipping outside the US is possible.

On the bright side, they also have in the shop some great and unique jewelry with a style I’ve never seen before! Nice!! :)



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3 responses to “Mobile Your Home Pretty

  1. Marvellous! These cute tiny things really deserve attention. You think that you can make your home look trendy with a brand new carpet or sofa but now we can see that this is possible with these mobiles. What can I say more my family and me would definitely use them in our homes in rosedale. I predict that our neighbours would envy it as well.

  2. I was just looking at some mobiles the other day, love them! The pendant shown is gorgeous.

  3. Thanks for coming by ladies :)

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