Deluxe Shoes

Hetty Rose, from the UK, is a handmade shoe designer. More than that, she recycles vintage unique kimono fabrics to create her pretties! Actually, you can choose your favorite shoe style and your kimono fabric to have the perfect combination!

So, if you are looking for colorful covers for your precious toes and have around $400 for it, what are you waiting for?

If you are like me and money is a problem, just dream about it then! ;)


Filed under Eco-Friendly, Fashion - Accessories, Handmade

8 responses to “Deluxe Shoes

  1. I suppose I’ll have to dream about them then! So lovely!

  2. haha! Yeah… I hear ya… lol :)

  3. I looooooove it, especially the last one!

    Mmmmh must save my money, maybe in 45 years…shishhh

  4. ANV

    Un peu de soleil dans cette grisaille ambiante!
    Merci Janick! Bizes de Bretagne, Ana.

  5. droooollling! That’s something missing currently in the eco-friendly Quebec scene, a shoe designer!

  6. I agree! It would be awesome that a handmade show designer pops up over here!

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