ANTM Cycle 10

Last night was the premier of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 10, which will take place in NY instead of LA. 30 girls (I think?) were selected for the “ANTM Prep School” first show.

30 beauties, of which I think I saw only 2 plus size girls. One of them got to the top 14, Whitney (above), and I’m totally hoping for her! She has drive and I think she actually wants it real bad and believes she CAN win, much more than any +size on the show before! She is SO gorgeous and has the perfect +size body for this. Even after one show, I think she could really win this! We’ll see!

I really like Claire’s style & personality (above) and what I think is a super hot haircut (shaved on the side, whoa, that’s gutsy!). She talked about being super passionate about the environment too, which always makes me happy. I think she could really win this!

I’m also wanting to see what two other girls will do as far as fabulous photo shoots goes: Amy (aka “Amis”, because apparently you can’t have too Amy/Aimee’s on the show, even if they are not spelled the same, so one “had” to change her name) and Marvita (both below).

And don’t you think Allison (below) looks a lot like Cycle 8’s Jaslene? It kinda freaks me out a little! LOL! Anyway…

We’ll see what the ANTM wind will bring, but I have a feeling this season will be real fun! :)



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2 responses to “ANTM Cycle 10

  1. oh my gosh! she’s plus size!? she is so beautiful! i love those torn up jeans, she wears them well. i don’t watch the show, but i’m totally cheering for her.

  2. In the “model” world, she is plus size! In the real world, she’s just normal size! lol

    Considering that +size models are usually a size 12 to 16 (how can a +size model be a 12… that’s not even +size… anyway! lol), she has the perfect body for it, don’t you think? :)

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