Biodegradable Tableware


There are so many occasions in which people say they “need” cutlery that is disposable. Many of them are not so good reasons in my world (home parties and picnics), others are sometimes logical (like for some 200 people traitor wedding feast for example, although some companies do rent cutlery that they will actually wash, and of course, reuse).

If you can’t get out of it, these biodegradable tableware items, by Green Feet, are absolutely the way to go!

Made out of bamboo, they are biodegradable in 4 to 6 months. Plus, they are super cute and they beat the plastic look hands down! They also offer plates and trays and condiment cups, in addition to bulk sets of everything so you can save some bucks for big events! Nice!

Via } Bluelines


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  1. This is another great find! Much better than plastic ware.

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