Grey Lust

Grey Lust

Clockwise from top left:

Knitted Hobo Bag by Cottonbud Design
Felted Pebbles by Reya Veltman
Megan Vest by 3Articles
Olivia Handbag by Aubrey Hyde
Suede Pump from shopbop
Wrapping Paper by Rifferaff

I like doing this… I think I’ll do some more often! Agreed? :)



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4 responses to “Grey Lust

  1. Inspiring! Thanks

    (looove the cute little bag)

  2. Ooo, love! Grey is wonderful. And yes, more of this :)

  3. Thanks ladies!

    If Julie says so, then I’ll do :) hehe

  4. Firstly, i want to commend your clarity on this particular subject. Get an experienced person about this subject, but after studying your article, my understanding has improved well.

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