It’s in the bag…

It's in the bag...

Gots to carry it somehow!! All handmade from Etsy.

Clockwise from top left:

Symbiosis Pouch by UnikatHK
Autumn Biscuit Bag
by SpikeHeadDesign
Hidden Place
by showpony
Thick and Thin Zip
by yorktownroad
Grainne Eco Tote
by abibansaldesign
Eco Ornj Shoulder Bag
by davidshockdesigns
Yoga Mat Bag
by justmaybe



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6 responses to “It’s in the bag…

  1. i love the top yellow one!

  2. Me too!! Still in my yellow phase! lol :)

  3. These are really great finds! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Glad you like them :)

  5. Beautiful unique bags, great picks.

  6. i got one of those yorktown zips too!

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