Earth Day

Earth Day

For Earth Day, cheers to some of many many Etsy sellers who think of the Earth while creating!

Clockwise from top left:

Mini Tag Book by erinzam
Industrial Felt Peggy Sue Purse
by anatomyofaskirt
Eco-Friendly Flatware Set
by ponyup
Mura Trio Rings
by FrucciDesign
Truck Innertube Ring
by malinb
Recycled Fur Punk Cuff
by saralagace
Felt Cup Cozy
by cupkozy
Origami Flower Magnet by bakasartysta
(plastic bag yarn) by ivyteakettle
Mini Deer Eco Notes
by tarahogan
Re-usable Bulk Food Bag
by kootsac
Recycled Plastic Bag
by carataylor
Recycled Leather Ring
by tomatedepingles


I love recycled. You can find many eco discoveries on this blog, and I hope you enjoy them! I just wish Earth Day was everyday, right? :)

As for me, I make some envelopes to put jewelry sales at craft shows in them, with recycled magazine pages. People have had a wonderful response to them too! Most want to go thru them and choose their own, how fun!

Here are some I made a while back available at my NeaBlossoms shop: some sturdy envelopes made from a stock photography book’s pages! Veggies, anyone? lol


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4 responses to “Earth Day

  1. Kate E. Austin

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Fru

    It’s fun to think of our TERRA while creating for her inhabitants!!

  3. Glad you both saw this :)

  4. i like that links. thanks

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