We ROCK! We’re also stupid.

We ROCK! The Habs destroyed Boston 5-0 on the ice last night, ending the Bruins hopes of going further towards the Stanley Cup!

We are also stupid.

Can’t believe those idiot fans!!! What’s the freakin’ point!!

They make normal people and fans look soooo bad, the whole city now looks bad, the whole French speaking community now looks bad, the whole province of Quebec now looks bad.

You idiots, damn, get a life.



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4 responses to “We ROCK! We’re also stupid.

  1. I agree with you on this one. I never understood “Hey Fans… we won! No need to riot”
    Grow up would you! Disappoints me extremely!

  2. Totally!
    We look like cavemen now… ARG!

  3. Somehow, this reminds me of the Romains and their gladiators fights. When the Roman Emperor Vespasian built the Colisée in Rome, it was not only to supply with a all day long entertainment, but it was also an outlet to contain any violence of the Romans society. This paralele with Hockey might be a bit simplistic, but still, I think that this kind of warriorish-macho entertainment would lead to this kind of behavior. Sorry, I don’t want to insult anyone, but it was predictable.

  4. Ohhh very interesting view of this Val. It DOES look like a very similar thing! :(

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