Italian Family Affair

Italian family members Lucia, Melissa, Lidia and Matteo all work together as a team under the name larimeloom to create wonderful wearable pieces.

All is 100% handmade, “starting from the cloth, handwoven on a four treadle loom, all the way trough the making, sewing and finishing of the product.” I would loooove to see what their work areas look like!

I am in love especially with their summery tops & dresses, which have a flowy-rustic feel. Everything can be custom made to your size (prices may vary) and color preference, they also ship everywhere in the world, so don’t hold back! :)



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7 responses to “Italian Family Affair

  1. oh. j’adore la cami blanche(dernière photo). que c’est joooli.

  2. hihi je les aime toutes :)

  3. hi!
    thanks sooo much, we really appreciate it!
    only one thing.. we are actually a family of nine ;o)

  4. that’s…great.
    somethin “green” for earth day :)

  5. Woah, 9! That’s a lot of people! hehe :)

  6. So natural and feminine, I love their pieces.

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