Recycled fur hawtness

Thanks to my great friend Guylaine and her sister Isabelle of Tomate d’épingles, many new readers have arrived to my little blog here directly from their interview as featured sellers today on Etsy (YAY!!)!

So, hello, and welcome!!
For the occasion, I decided to put up a new banner on this blog! Do you like? :)

Also, I thought I’d show you some of Tomate d’épingles‘ new recycled fur rings series, ’cause they are HOT as hell, and I want them all, seriously!!

Check out their entire shop today tho, because they have added many other brand spanking new eco jewelry!!



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4 responses to “Recycled fur hawtness

  1. yay!

    Also, thoses rings must tickle ^_^ Hot indeed!

  2. lol you’re cute Val!!

  3. hahaha
    thanks so much!

    the rings dont tickle too much
    they make my cats very curious
    and they are actualy HOT, as in, they make my fingers warm!

  4. lol!! Perfect for winter, haha!

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