Folie à Deux

Oh wow, this is soooooooo cool, I can’t stand it!

These gorgeous are called Folie à Deux, and are the beautiful designs of Rich-in-Craft. Out of handsewn wool, and polyurethane and glass anthler handles, this bag will be hard to find – only 36 will be made – and I have no clue where they will be!

Rich-in-Craft (I LOVE their website, so nicely made!) is a newly created L.A. company, because this is their first product. Woah! Can’t wait to see some more of their creative juice in the future!

Via } Simply Olive



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2 responses to “Folie à Deux

  1. Karolayn

    wow!! good stuff!! i love it!! :)

  2. etsylove

    only 36! I want one.

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