Material Fusion

Mixing textures and materials in sometimes unexpected ways, that’s part of what I love to do! And I love to see others do it as well.

Therefore, I adore seeing Nesting Emily, from Ontario, work the materials together with aesthetics. Adding felt and yarn to her beautiful simply carved pottery, she gives her pieces a uniqueness that everyone notices.

Want more? Check out her Flickr! (That’s where I found out about her work!!)



Filed under Canadian, Decor - Object, Handmade

4 responses to “Material Fusion

  1. carol

    Emily’s pottery is so beautiful and she is such an inspiring artist. I love how she is incorporating textiles into her pottery bringing a new level of interest into the scope of her work.

  2. Nice, good hand made!

  3. I’ve never visited you blog before and stumbled over it when I was searching for a future exhibition in Sweden called Material Fusion. This post came up and I totally fell in love with your above creations. Beautiful!

  4. The above are not my creations, read carefully ;)
    But thanks for the nice words on my blog!

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