Sharpen your Pencil

Sometimes, I watch “Iron Chef America” on the Food Channel, and I am always wishing I could try the creations that interact with the person, the ones that you have to DO something or that they have to add something in front of your eyes. It just seems like the meal would then be enhanced in some way!

Well these chocolate pencils by Nendo are all about interaction! These are the only pencil you’ll actually want to eat! lol

I adore Nendo‘s work all around! They present wonderful projects and objects on their site, take a look around! Bellow are a few of my favorite pieces! :)

Via } Fortysixth at Grace



Filed under Decor - Object, Food

2 responses to “Sharpen your Pencil

  1. Jean-Sébastien

    You have to draw pretty fast, otherwise you’ll end up sucking your fingers the rest of the day.

  2. haha yes! And yum! lol

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