ANTM 10 – Winner


America’s Next Top Model winner is Whitney!

What did I say when the season started 2 months ago? Yep, I’m such a know-it-all. hahaha :) Alright, I didn’t KNOW it would be her, but I was hoping it would be her, the first “full-figured” model to make it to the end!

I really thought I got it all wrong with my predictions this year… My faves were falling like flies, and early on! lol

So anyway, YAYYYYYY is a great resumé! haha



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2 responses to “ANTM 10 – Winner

  1. oyayi26

    i’m gald that finally, a full-figured model conquered antm! this success will surely redefine modelling not only in america but to the whole wide world as well. i congratulate tyra and the rest of her judges for coming out with a very good statement, that is, a full-figured model has a niche in the modelling industry and could handle high fashion. conrgatulations to whitney! strive to make a strong statement and keep you feet to the ground! mabuhay!

  2. Oh dear we are so far behind in little old New Zealand- I think we are on the season before this one? Ah well, now when next season comes along I can pretend I’m an all knowing ANTM fan. :)

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