I {heart} Linen

I {heart} Linen

I {heart} linen! Add it to some Etsy handmade goodness, and I faint… lol

Clockwise from top left:

Textile wearable art by cathycullis
Little Girl Dress in Vintage Linen
by breadandroses
Linen Pincushion
by BluebirdMountain
Small Linen Pouch
by kukurbita
Charlotte Bag
by morelle
Coptic Bound Journal
by paperiaarre
Push Pins
by shimandsons
Wet Spun Linen Yarn by rootandleaf
Picnic Placemat
by littleredcaboose
Dog Plush
by Christinas



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2 responses to “I {heart} Linen

  1. I use linen as my cloth for exhibiting jewellery at events. It looks so classy and really makes the jewellery stand out too!

  2. Great idea! Linen is so pretty it surely makes other things pop out! :)

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