Macro Mondays

Embroidery Flosssssss

By now, you must have noticed (mostly if you follow me in my Flickr) that I LOVE macro photography! Thankfully, with my jewelry, I get to do that easily and almost everyday!

I also love the idea of a photography challenge, and that’s why I started the { a photo a day a month } Flickr group a few months ago. (The new month starts in a few days, join the fun!!)

But I think I needed a macro challenge, and I found it now!

It’s a Flickr group called Macro Mondays.

The idea is simple: each Monday, a theme is announced (for example, this week it was “Obsession, Passion & Addiction” – totally my thing, lol), and all week long you take some macro pictures with this theme in mind. Then, Monday arrives, and you select your top 5 and post it to the group! As simple (and fun!!) as that!

It’s a challenge, it’s macro, it’s perfect! ;)

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One response to “Macro Mondays

  1. wolfdreamernz

    Great idea – macro is one of my favorites! I love the image above – the colour is great and I quite like the angle it’s shot from. I’ll be checking out Macro Mondays as well.

    Lisa Wood

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