Polaroid Fashionista

Frances Melhop is a professional fashion photographer originally from New Zealand, now living in Milano, Italy. She has done photo shoots for many Vogue mags around the world and well as a tons of other awesome magazines. Frances works mostly with an old 5×4 or 8×10 bellows land camera (head under the black cloth) producing negatives and 8×10 polaroids.

That said, you would think her work can be found only on the thin printed pages of magazines, but NO! She has recently opened an Etsy shop, under the username matchstickgirl, selling her Top 2’s, 3’s and 4’s of the #1’s published work! (You can actually see the # under the shot!)

Yep! YOU can have some of her 8×10 original polaroids in your own living room. Prices range from 80$ to 500$.

Who would normally want to buy sloppy seconds, right? But these pieces are gorgeous seconds, and they are certainly not sloppy!! ;)


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