Rural Abandon

Rox Rings

I am real fan of Rural Abandon‘s (aka Kelly) work, especially the “Rox” series! Yesterday, I purchased the Rox necklace, which is the final pieces of my collection, since I already have the Rox post earrings (that I have on all the time, they are my “everyday earrings”), plus the Rox rings (seen above) and the Rox oxidized rings as well!

Turns out Kelly is a fan of my Deploy earrings, and bought a pair too! I love it when other creatives buy from me, it’s like a double compliment!

I have my eye on this awesome ring too (below). Maybe, one day… hehe ;)



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2 responses to “Rural Abandon

  1. Nea-I love the feature! Thanks so much. The picture of the Rox Rings on your finger is just gorgeous. love your blog too. – Rural Abandon/Kelly

  2. My pleasure Kelly! ;)

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